Why Now?

Why now? Why The Fundamental Realist ?

Have you ever been in a situation where you found your thoughts slightly skewed from the general audiences? I most certainly have and I desperately wanted to express said skewed thoughts. However, I found myself holding my tongue to avoid what I expected to be somewhat frowny faces, directed towards me. These facial expressions I imagined to be  the ‘general audience’s’ attempt to vaguely understand my ludicrous statement. I dare say, No More!

I hope to entertain with ‘glossed’ stories with a realistic edge. The stories may sometimes be humourous, sometimes serious, sometimes heartfelt and sometimes raging rants. I will not be bound by topic or restrained be political correctness. After all, the world is our Oyster.

If you enjoy please comment or like and if you don’t, feel free to freely express your dislike in the comments too.

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